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WebDesignWebDesign and Web Development are two vital things for a breeder in today’s world. We live in a world where almost everyone uses the internet, so it is very important for breeders to have a good website where they can showcase their work and advertise their kittens, otherwise people looking for a kitten will never find them.

That website must have a professional look, must be safe from external attacks from hackers, must be easy to work and update, and, most important of all, must be able to achieve a good ranking on Google search results.

This is probably the most important thing, over the years we have been contacted my dozens of breeders that have paid a web developer to make them a beautiful website, that after several months has completely failed to appear on Google search results.

WebDesignIt is probably the most common mistake breeders do when they order someone to develop them a website, base it entirely on beauty and their personal taste. No matter how beautiful a website is, if no one can find it, he will serve no purpose.

Developing such a website can be something very difficult to do for most breeders since they do not have advanced knowledge about website development, so they need someone to develop them a professional website.

Being a company of services for Pet Breeders with a CEO with 25 years of experience in Web Development, we have thought about this in Pro4Pets and we have developed a solution specifically fo Breeders of Pets that need help to create their website.

What Our Clients Say About Us
Ermelindo VentrigliaCattery Fanny & Family

I thank our friends from Pro4Pets WebDesign for having build and put online our new website. The result has exceeded our expectations, and we have found a friendly and constant cooperation from them.

Francesca MessaCattery Torakiki

Professional and fast service. My new website is beautiful, functional, fast and easily accessible by computer or mobile. Exactly how I wanted it! A service that I recommend to everybody!

Our Standard Breeder Package

How Much Does It Cost?

Full Functional Website

The smart and affordable solution for every Pet Breeder!

  • Very Easy to Use
  • Beautiful and Professional Look
  • Optimized for Google and Mobiles
  • Safe from Attacks
  • Several Optionals Available

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What Is Included?

tabletOur Standard Breeder Package consists of a modern website developed on WordPress, fully customizable and designed considering some main important goals: great look, easy to use, safe against external attacks and optimized for Google search results.

This standard package includes 10 pages of your choice. Some of the more usual choices are: Home, News, About Us, Males, Females, Neuters, Kittens, Litters, Plans, Show Results, Links, Contact Us.

Any combination of pages is possible and you are the one that chooses your 10 pages. If needed, additional pages might be added to the standard package at the extra cost of 20€. We have also developed an affordable list of optionals to improve your website and customize it even further. Check out our full list of optionals bellow for more information.

Bring a Friend

phoneAs a part of our fidelization program, we have a special condition for all our clients. After you have developed your website with Pro4Pets, for each friend you bring that develops is own website with our team, we will give you a refund of 100€. So that means that if you refer 4 friends to us, you can even have your website developed for free!

Frequently Asked Questions
We have prepared this small Frequently Asked Questions section to help you answer
the most common doubts people have when they contact us for the first time.

On our current society, every breeder needs a good website if he wants to be found by potential buyers looking for a kitten or a puppy, otherwise he will find himself in a situation where he has to offer them to a friend or relative. However, a lot of breeders, maybe the vast majority, do not have the time or the knowledge to build a good website, so they need to pay a professional to build it. But the problem is that there are a lot of professionals working in this area, so it is hard to understand what professional hire. That is why the Pro4Pets team is the ideal option. We have a very solid reputation for being honest, certified by our clients testimonials, a very attractive price that in most cases will even be lower than our competitors, and we are not just focused on building a beautiful website. We complement that beauty with 3 things that are perhaps even more important: The position on google searches (that is how people will find your website), the security (an average website receives more than 30 attacks per day) and the easiness of use (otherwise you will be paying your webdesign every time you have a new litter)

The price varies between 390€ and 660€, depending on the options that the client needs. The minimum price is 390€, in those cases where the client does not want or does not need any optional packages. The vast majority of the websites we build cost 450€ (website + hosting), 510€ (website + design) or 570€ (website + hosting + design). Those are the most usual combinations that our clients choose. We also have a special fidelization program for all our clients. After a client has developed his website with us, for each friend he brings that develops is own website with our team we will give him a refund of 100€ (maximum of 4 friends per client). That means that if he refers 4 friends that develop their websites with us, that client will have the price he payed for his website fully refunded.

Every website needs 2 basic things to function: A domain (for instance and a server where to put the files online. This is what is usually called the “hosting”. There are a lot of companies that provide hosting, with prices that vary from 35€ to 450€, depending on the hosting package. These packages are annual and must be renewed every 12 months. They all require that the client takes care of all the aspects of the hosting maintenance, and the less expensive packages are extremely limited in terms of space, performance and security because these hosting companies have thousands of clients in the same server. To solve this problem, we have created our own hosting package, available exclusively to our clients. The price already includes the domain, hosting and 1 personalized e-mail account, renewed annually. All our servers are configures with the latest technologies in terms of speed and security: Firewall Cisco with anti-DDoS, Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS, Nginx 1.10, Percona Server 5.7, PHP 7.0.14, WordPress 4.7, Redis Object Cache 3.2.6 and Cloudflare CDN. And the good part is that we take care of all the maintenance of the servers and hosting, our clients don’t need to worry about that.

Every modern website needs an identity, something that distinguishes it from all other websites. That is done with the domain, but also with the design. As a minimum, your website will need a lettering with the name of your cattery. We take care of that free of charge, it is already included on the price of the website. However, a lot of clients want to go a little further and request a premium design logo and banner, giving a much bigger visual impact whenever a visitor arrives to their website. For those cases, the Pro4Pets Webdesign Team made a partnership with one of the best graphic designers in Europe, allowing them to build their premium design banner and logo at a very competitive price. You can take a look at our portfolio page to have an idea of the differences between a website with and without a premium design banner.

The language optional was created for those breeders that want to have their website in two different languages, usually their countries language (Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, etc) for the visitors looking for a pet and English for the foreign breeders visiting the website. However, in the vast majority of the cases it is not necessary to have a second language on the website since nowadays, most contacts between breeders are done using platforms like Facebook. The most important language is the language of the country of the breeder since the website will be mostly visited by privates looking for a pet.

Some clients do not have the time to update or insert new contents on their websites, for instance when there is a new litter. To provide a solution for those cases, we are offering all our clients the possibility of asking us to handle those contents for the price of 20€ per hour of work. These hours might be bought individually or in packages of 10 hours, that the client will spent as necessary until the 10 hours package is fully spent.

Our List of Optionals



  • Hosted in our Server
  • Domain and E-mail Included

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  • Premium Design Banner
  • Premium Design Logo

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  • Second Language
  • Translation not included

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  • New Contents
  • Content Updates

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