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End of the Service

This timeline will show you the detailed description of a virtual transport from Italy to Denmark.

Start of the Service

Meeting at Malpensa Airport

For safety reasons, the initial meeting is always done at least 2 hours before the departure of the flight. In this example, the initial flight is scheduled for 11:00, so at 09:00 the Pro4Pets handler arrives to Malpensa Airport and meets with the the Pet breeder on a previously agreed location in the checkin area. All the documentation is checked and then the Pet is delivered to the Pro4Pets handler, accompanied by all the documentation necessary for the transport.


Checkin Procedures

The Pro4Pets handler immediately proceeds to the checkin balcony, accompanied by the Pet breeder, in order to finish all the checkin procedures for the Pet. This is the moment where the passport, rabbies vaccine and additional documentation of the pet is checked. it is the most delicate moment of the transport because if there is anything wrong with the pets documentation, he will be refused at the checkin. After all the checkin procedures are concluded, the Pro4Pets handler proceeds to the security checkin.


Security Check

The Pro4Pets courier arrives to the security check, where all safety controls are done before he can access the departures area with the pet. After all the security check are finished, he informs both the Pet breeder and the new owner that has passed the security control without any problems.


Wait for the Flight

The Pro4Pets handler arrives to the business lounge of the Airport, where the Pet can rest in a calm environment while waiting for the flight departure.


Arrival at the Gate

Around 20 minutes before the flight, the Pro4Pets handler arrives to the departure gate in order to board the plane. Due to our frequent flyer status, we do have priority boarding on most of the flights, so there is no waiting in lines to board the plane, reducing the stress for the pet.


Flight Departure

At the scheduled hour, the flight starts has planed. Normally a few minutes before departure, the Pro4Pets handler sends a message to the Pet breeder and new owner informing that he is already on board and containing a link to a webpage where they can monitor the flight in real time.


Arrival to Kastrup Airport

After 1:55 of flight, the Pro4Pets handler lands on Kastrup Airport. As soon as possible, he sends a message to the Pet breeder and the new owner informing that he has landed and everything is ok.


Meeting at the Arrivals

After around 15 minutes from landing, the Pro4Pets handler meets with the new owner at the Kastrup arrivals and delivers him his new pet, as well as all his documentation. That concludes the transport and the new pet can finally go to his new home with his new family.

End of the Service
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