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Most people have a misconceived idea about Pet Transportation. The first time someone ears the word, it is very common to imagine the image of a DHL or UPS courier transporting our beloved one among a pile of boxes full of merchandises in an old and noisy commercial car.

That image is completely different from our reality here in Pro4Pets®. We often say to clients: “We are not couriers, we are handlers”. We like to think of ourselves has a mix between an old friend you trust and a flight attendant that will attend to your pet’s every need in a professional way.

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Frequently Asked Questions
We have prepared this small Frequently Asked Questions section to help you answer the most common doubts people have when they contact us for the first time.

Pro4Pets® is a small family-owned company based in Italy that provides services for Pet Breeders around the world, with his main focus on Pet Transportation. The company has grown out of love for our pets since we have a large “animal family” of our own, and we know how much your beloved pet means to you. As pet owners ourselves, we understand the importance of feeling absolutely comfortable for the welfare of your dear pet when looking for pet transportation services. We provide the extra care every pet deserves to make his or her trip as comfortable, safely and stress-free as possible.

There are several reasons why a person might need to hire a professional and competent Pet Transportation Company: Some people are afraid of flying, don’t have the time because they have small children or cannot leave their work for two days, or they do not know all the bureaucracies needed. Sometimes hiring a professional company will also cost less since we have access to special ticket prices and there is no need to buy a IATA approved carrier since we use our own.

When it comes to Pet Transportation, and depending on our clients needs, we operate a “door-to-door” service, by airplane, by car or a combination of the two. Most part of the times, that means we will take the pet directly from the origin and deliver it directly to the destination. We also offer a wide range of additional services mainly focused on helping new Pet Breeders that are trying to start or develop their breeding projects.

When we first entered in the world of Pet breeding, we were astonished with the difficulty in finding reliable help for developing a breeding project, especially transporting a pet from another country. So we decided there was a room for a a different approach, a small company aimed at all those people that wanted their pets being transported like children. Since that day, we started developing our company, one pet at a time. Everything in our way of working as been planned with that main goal: the comfort of both pet and owner. We are not aimed at providing you the cheapest price you can find, that is not our market. We are aimed at providing you the highest quality services without costing a fortune, that is what makes our clients keep coming back.

The price of a transport is influenced by some factors. The single most important one is the airline ticket. His price will vary depending on things like the airline company, city of origin and destination, day of the transport and time in advance that the ticket is bought. Usually, the transport of a pet with less than 6 kilos, inside the cabin of a plane and between two major European capitals, if the ticket is bought with two months in advance, will cost an average of 290€, everything included.

In most cases, it is absolutely better to transport a Pet by Airplane. It is quite shocking for us how most transportation companies handle pets during their trips by car, with small pets doing hundreds of kilometers over the course of several days just to get to their new owners. It only makes sense to transport a pet by car if that solution is better then flying. In fact, Pro4Pets® has born precisely thinking about all those persons that did not want to see their pets being transported like merchandises trough half of Europe.

It will depend on some factors, but a typical transport between some of the major European cities requires an EU Pet Passport, Microchip, Rabies Vaccine (at least 1 day after the insertion of the microchip and at least 21 days before the trip), a veterinarian health certificate (we strongly recommend the Regulation EC 998/2003 form) and two declarations of non-commercial movement according to Regulation EU 576/2013 (one in English and one in the official language of the country of destination). You will also need to buy an airline ticket, the ticket for the cat, an IATA approved carrier, and in most cases an hotel room if it is a two days flight.

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What Our Clients Say About Us
Elena FrancioliCattery YesWeCat

Great Team! Thanks for the perfect organization of the trip, for taking care of every single detail and for taking such a good care of my kitten from my home to her new home.

Nancy ReynsCattery Born to Love

Super service, super friendly, correct and really wonderful with the cats. We recommend Rui and Silvia to everybody, they are the best. Thank you dear Silvia to bring our Goldie home, I have no words for the perfect service.

Nieves AlonsoPresident of ASFE - Asociación Felina Española

Fantastic service! Not only professional, but also loving and caring. Fantastic people, always concerned about our pets' welfare. My kitten arrived well and safe. I highly recommend them.

Silvia SabatiniCattery Lynx Lynx

On time, professional, gentle and friendly. From now on my transporters! Never again without them. If you need a professional service with pet lover attitude, Pro4Pets is your choice! I'm so satisfied!

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